Songs & Dances on Tour

Anne-Marie Owens and Steven Maughan have been popping up over the last couple of days. On Thursday morning they surprised the group who'd booked onto the Symphony Hall Tour - they were treated to performance of The Commander at the end of their visit. On Thursday evening they performed at The Dove Bar at St Matthew's Church, Perry Beeches. Friday saw them in Anne Watt's hall and yesterday evening we popped up at Highbury Studios to perform.

Call To Action!!



Birmingham Opera Company is making a series of films working with top professional film-makers from the BBC. We will be creating a film on Easter Sunday afternoon and have called a Smart Mob (apparently this is the technical term for a more planned event!!!) to bring shed loads of people to Millennium Point to join in. All you have to do is be there at 2.30pm and stay until 5.30pm. You will be acting with our top cast of singers and working with the big international stars, Graham Vick, opera director and Ron Howell, choreographer. This isn't just dance so if you fancy a bit of acting you should come along as well and star in the movie and there's no upper age limit!!

There's more information about the The Russians are coming....

Performances Alert!


Stand by for pop up performances from Birmingham Opera Company as part of our digital Spring project. We're studying the art of film-making under the tutelage of John-Martin White (film-maker, cameraman and director) and Tony Mills (BBC cameraman) - a dozen or so young people are working alongside Graham Vick and Richard Willacy learning the art of cameras, lighting, sound and editing. The focus of the work is a song cycle by Musorgsky, Songs and Dances of Death.

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Songs and Dances in Aston

In the sparkling new surroundings of The Lighthouse Kiss of Death, Barcelonain Aston a group of intrepid adventurers are studying the art of digital film-making. Under the expert tutelage of John-Martin White, Graham Vick, Richard Willacy and a dozen or so people under 30 are learning about cameras, lighting, sound and editing so that we can extend our reach both artistically and digitally. It's how we can reach new audiences. And what is they are filming? Well...the Russians are coming...


We're thrilled that Anne-Marie Owens, Byron Jackson, Steven Maughan and Sergey Rybin will be working with us performing the  Songs and Dances of Death by Musorgsky (aka Mussorgsky, Mysorgsky and Mycoprckий) with a new translation from Alistair Beaton. Keep an eye out as they'll be performing the Songs in Birmingham in pop-up performances from 21st March onwards. Keep an eye on the website for updates on when and where but here's sone of the ones we know about now.

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Birmingham Opera Company star bids for Eurovision

Birmingham Opera Company's star Joe Guyton has been breaking boundaries yet again! On the heels of his success as a finalist on X Factor, Joe's been making a bid to represent Germany in Eurovision. Have a quick look here. Not what you expect from an Opera singer.....

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